Now that you have read the post "Lets Do It Right", lets continue. We have a project to start. Keep in mind, the premise for this post is a "Home Addition". If your project is smaller, apply the sections which apply.
The next very AI step is the selection of a contractor. Remember you will be working together everyday for the duration of the project. Take your time and review all of his resume. Have him supply you with at least 3 projects he has completed. Notice I said completed. You want the names, addresses, phone numbers, type of project and material supplier of said projects. You will be letting the contractor know you are a thorough homeowner and he will have to mind his p's and q's.
Now your work begins. Call each of his past projects. Ask the following questions: Did he finish the project? Did he complete the "Punch List"? Was he on the job everyday? Was he neat? Did he keep the job clean and orderly? Were materials delivered as needed? Many contractors are bad money managers. They take payments from one job to pay what is owed on another therefore they are always behind.
Visit the project he is presently working See for your self what kind of contractor he is.
Review bids thoroughly to make sure they cover everything. Be sure you are comfortable and satisfied with your choice.
Now you must have a contract drawn either by your Attorney or the Architect.
While selecting of a contractor and contracting is taking place, you should start the Construction Permit process. In most cases you will need (1) A survey of the property showing the addition. (2) Two(2) sets of signed and raised seal drawings by an Architect or Engineer. Some towns will except drawings signed by resident homeowner. (3) Plumbing Permit application. (4) Electrical Permit application. (5) Fire Permit application. Contact the code enforcement office in the jurisdiction where your home is located for their list of permit requirements.

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